Umberto Dei "A3 Lusso" Classic Bicycle 1940

Արտադրող: Atala
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Manufacturer - Umberto Dei
Size - 54 cm
Condition - Great condition. The bicycle has been fully and accurately refurbished. No dents, no cracks or bends. All parts work fine.
Era - 1940s
Description - Umberto Dei "A3 Lusso" Classic Bicycle from 1940. The story of this Italian brand began a long time ago when Umberto Dei started manufacturing his first cycles in 1896, the same year in which the Lumiere brothers invented cinematography and Guglielmo Marconi created the wireless telephone. His atelier in Via Pasquali Paoli no. 4 in Milan would release some of the finest bicycles of the Milanese tradition until the late 1950s, before Atala acquireq the brand.

As we came across this Umberto Dei "A3 Lusso" we literally fell in love with it. We have rarely found a such old bicycle which has been as accurately and meticulously refurbished as this one so far. The "A3" model was released in the 1930s and was available in four different models. According to numbers and letters on the non-drive-side of the bottom bracket, it dates back to 1940. All parts are original and have been polished.